Portable Media Player by Pyrus Electronic

Pyrus Electronic features a 2.8 LCD screen and can play files WMV, Xvid, RMVB and much more. Thus, it can play anything as it does not require any conversion. This is great because previous designs where unable to carry out such tasks.

The best thing about Pyrus Electronic is that it has the ability to detect and convert the size into a format which is readable and easy to play, with out you creating a single change in its settings. Watching videos on this little gadget is fun because it offers the best resolution and video quality which even the most biggest machines out there are unable to do. Besides this it also features functions for text reading, recording and even radio. You can take the best pictures using this gadget and they can be flipped to 360 degrees. Turning on the slide show can help you go through all the videos with out pressing a single button. Thus, this gadget is a little powerful machine and fun to own.


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