Last Friday Asus has announced the first shipments of its new Eee Pad Transformer.
But what is it? The Eee Pad Transformer is a Honeycomb tablet that can be combined with an optional docking station that provides a full QWERTY keyboard with exceptional Android function keys, turning it into a notebook computer.
The Transformer has an NVIDIA Tegra dual core processor, a 5MP rear camera, a mini HDMI-port, a 3.5mm audio jack, two USB ports and a SD card reader. According to Asus, the screen provides 50 percent more accurate and crisp rendition than its competitors.
The Waveshare user interface is overlaid on top of Honeycomb.
The price should range between $500 and $700, but there’s nothing certain.
But will its features be enough to make it stand out in the increasingly crowded space, or will it be just another brick in the Android Wall?
Whether Asus cant match the iPad 2 is still open to question. Before this, Honeycomb tablets have always lacked the cloud-based apps, though they provide a nice device and a seamless connectivity. With the Eee Pad Transformer, this is supposed to change.


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