World's Thinnest Masterpiece Is here "THE MAC BOOK AIR"

Apple MacBook Air

0.3-1.7 cm (0.11-0.68 inches)
29.95 cm (11.8 inches)
19.2 cm (7.56 inches)
1.06 kg (2.3 pounds)

Apple's Masterpeice is here. The MacBook Air is inspired from Apple's iPad and is available in 11 inch and 13 inch model. MacBook Air has a large no of features which attracts the customes like :
  • Long battery backup upto 5 hrs on 11 inch model nd 7 hrs on 13 inch model.  
  • Multi touch track-pad helps you in easy pinching, tapping, swiping, dragging .
  • Flash storage
  • High resolution display
The price range of these amazing gadgets start from USD 999. What else do you want more than this Apple MacBook Air is slim, light, fast and awesome.


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